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Finding Holiday Happiness

| December 21, 2020

Wondering how to bring everyone together – virtually – after a really challenging year? Here’s an idea: chronicle the quarantine. Seriously. Someday, your children or grandchildren are going to ask what it was like. Sharing stories and memories over the holidays, and then creating a brief history of 2020, may bring everyone together. Include topics such as:


  • Rolling with it. (Who hoarded? What did they hoard? Why did they hoard it?)
  • Everything is fine, just fine. (Coping strategies for working and learning at home.)
  • What did you say? (Memorable/humorous things people in the family said this year.)
  • Unevent-full. (Special occasions missed, abbreviated, or rescheduled.)
  • Didn’t you like my show? (What everyone watched during 2020.)
  • Good riddance. (Pet peeves in a socially-distanced year.)
  • Now, we’re cooking. (Recipes you learned to cook during 2020.)
  • In with the new… (Hopes for the future.)


Hope your holidays are as happy as they can be. We count you among our blessings!


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