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Social Security Planning

Only 13% of older adults have a financial advisor who provides them advice on Social Security, according to a Nationwide Financial** survey. Gould Ruma Financial Advisors provides guidance on navigating the complex Social Security system.

Although Social Security benefits can be an essential part of your retirement income plan, for many it’s just a piece of the overall puzzle. We understand how important it is to coordinate these benefits with other forms of income, such as pension and retirement accounts. We want to make sure you are prepared for retirement and, just as importantly, that we are addressing your financial goals.

How will you end up with an accurate retirement plan if your Social Security benefits are not adequately represented? This is where Gould Ruma Financial Advisors comes in. With our knowledge and expertise, we can formulate a plan for income in retirement and help figure out what may be the most appropriate time to begin receiving Social Security benefits.

It is important to consider your spouse, family and beneficiary as you make this decision. We view Social Security as a family decision, not just an individual one. Spousal and survivor benefits should be considered carefully since a decision by one spouse may directly affect the other. Does it make sense to delay your benefit? What about your spouse? Are you divorced or widowed, or have you remarried? These are all important questions to consider when planning and preparing for retirement, and we are here to help you sort through the answers.

We know these decisions can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.


**Based on 2018 survey conducted by Nationwide Financial

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